Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Know Thyself !

I said I will do this; I will give that to the world. My school, my college, my workplace all had tried to measure my capabilities and given me a level of confidence. She said, Shruti there were many before you who knew, could do it, there will be many after you who will know too. The creator knows it all. We are a mere reflection of the whole, can only express a part thereof. We do what we do for ourselves, to know ourselves and to be true to our core and that is all that is required of us. If in that process you are able to help the world, leave something behind that is wonderful but it would be a delusion if you attached yourself to the thought that you are here to change the world.

I knew she was right. We compete constantly and try to prove our intelligence through the achievements and recognition we receive. Are we then allowing our self worth to become a slave to the adulation and recognition that the world gives us? Shouldn’t knowing what we are capable of be enough and complete in itself?

To go further who are we competing with to prove ourselves better than? I believe all of us are an equal part of that whole, have potential, only difference being that our gifts are different. Some of us are able to open that package and some don’t. We are superior to no one. We are all struggling at various levels to realize our potential .This understanding helps us empathize with each others struggle leading us to our own inherent unity. It is both a humbling feeling and an act of worship, a surrender to the divine in us.

When we work for ourselves, to know ourselves work becomes sacred. Everything we do is pure, sincere, a piece of art that carries a touch of our soul. We accept whatever we get in return with grace, unattached. We learn to accept the story of our lives and start living life in the true sense of the word .Life then becomes an unending adventure that we frolic in each day.

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